Hello! There has been reports of user imports being stuck. The maintainers of BookWyrm have merged in a fix but there is no release as of yet. As soon as the fix has been released, will be updated.

@bookrastinating I thought it was my email or something, I've been tryin' to figure it out all day :blobcatheartbongo:

@bookrastinating how can I share my reads to Mastodon? I’m not clear on that part of how the federation works.

@andypiper Hello! The main way I've seen is to follow your BookWyrm account with your Mastodon account and boost from your Mastodon account.

@bookrastinating thanks - got it - I don't think my account was showing up earlier, maybe because I hadn't posted a note / comment on a read yet. I see it now!

@bookrastinating I'm seeing the bookrastinating account show up on now, but it's in a pending follow state, and no follow request on the bookrastinating side...

@andypiper ye, similiar issue on mml here. I think it sometimes happens when you try to follow account from one fediverse service on the other, completely different service (I think it's not a software issue, it's more of a server security issue?) @bookrastinating

@bookrastinating Thanks! I quickly found your account and this post while searching for a solution. Can't wait to start using.

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