RE: Importing issue

Please hold off on importing books while we wait for an update. Thank you so much for your patience!

@Kyonshi My apologies. Announcements from now on will be more timely!

@bookrastinating No worries! Should I interrupt the import running for 20 hours, or just leave it alone and check back in a day or two?

@pwinn @bookrastinating is it possible to stop the import? I tried it two days ago and I think it's still loading

@mrsaboia @pwinn Hello. It looks like that there is no ability to stop the import for now. The next update of BookWyrm will have this functionality but it is not known yet when it will be released.

@bookrastinating Hey, I just noticed my import is moving! I loaded the site and noticed the import is at 18% rather than 0%! By the time I got around to posting this comment, it’s at 25%!


@bookrastinating I was about to contact you about some books showing up on the import that I don’t remember reading. Some on decidedly spicy topics, some just bizarre. But then I thought to check the site my import is coming from, and…

No offense to Marc Blake, author of “How to Be a Sitcom Writer: Secrets from the Inside,” but I’ve never read that book. When I “shelved” it on January 9, 2017, I assigned it “baroque, cycle, fiction, hardback, series, read,” so it seems very clear that the ISBN number has been overwritten or corrupted on GoodReads. Not Bookrastinating’s fault at all!

I looked up the Neal Stephenson books over there, and Goodreads shows that I’ve read only the second book, which is strange, since I have memories of at least four.

@pwinn That is certainly odd. I will take a look into the logs for you.

@bookrastinating no, sorry, I was saying that it’s broken on GoodReads too! I just didn’t notice over there, only noticed during the import here.

@pwinn My apologies, my morning coffee probably hasn't kicked in yet. 😄 Okay, that's good to know that it's not an issue on our end! Although now I want to know what the mystery book was supposed to be...

@bookrastinating Is it working for anyone? I'm happy to start an import to see if it works after the queue restart, but if all that will accomplish is hog the server then I'll just as happily wait for the bookwyrm update.

@jeroen94704 Some people have had imports begin to work, however they were started a couple of days ago. I would still hold off for the update.

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