With the BookWyrm upgrade I now have the ability to stop individual imports. I will be cancelling all imports that:

- currently has 0% progress
- are duplicated
- are requested (by replying to this post)

Thanks all for your patience!

Hello! I'm new to bookrastinating and made an import for a book I was planning to read without really knowing what I was doing. Sorry for that, I should have checked before!
Have a good day :)

@tecnijota @gas Hello! Importing singular books are fine. The main thing that kills the queue are file imports.

@bookrastinating @gas understood, holding off for the incoming +700 import from Goodreads, then :)


@bookrastinating btw, seems like the ko-fi link is broken, let me know how can I support you :)

@tecnijota Thank you so much! I'll work on the ko-fi link but in the meantime you can always donate through our paypal:

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