Unplanned Downtime: Hardware upgrade.

The server restart earlier today did not seem to work. Looking at the logs, the website is eating up a lot of RAM and CPU. We will be upgrading hardware to alleviate this. Thank you!

@bookrastinating wow! lovely. has this resolved the import issue?

@pivic Hello. The imports should now be working! However, assuming everyone starts their imports at once, it will still be slow but hopefully they will not be stuck.

@bookrastinating Great news! thank you so much for what you're doing! I can't wait to start using your service!

@LowlyAdjunct Hello! Apologies. I had to restart the docker container. It should now be up!

@bookrastinating it is! You are a miracle worker.

Speaking of which, any idea when we can start importing again?

@LowlyAdjunct You are able to do so now! It will take some time (at least a few hours) but they will no longer be stuck.

@bookrastinating wonderful! I'm such a book geek this is exciting news 😆

@bookrastinating and no apologies needed. I'm sure you've been swamped with us newbies this past week.

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