Do not be worried if your import is seemingly stuck at "0%". There is a huge backlog of imports and there are likely many people ahead of you.

However, any import that was started on or before November 11 is most likely stuck. Please reach out to me if that is the case or try to cancel your import.

Thank you all!

@bookrastinating What is the expected import time now? Minutes, hours? I'm currently trying to import my CSV with a few dozen records and the process is already taking 30 minutes.
(I bet as soon as that status has gone, the import will complete. :-D)

@bookrastinating Oh, I can see this information directly at : "On average, recent imports have taken 56 minutes."

@michal Thank you for finding the import average! I did not know about that, it will be handy to reference in the future!

Import time really depends. Imports may not start immediately as you may have to wait for previous imports to finish before yours can start. Depending how many are before you and how many books are in each import, it could even take a few hours just for a few books.

As far as I know, the BookWyrm devs are trying to figure out a solution for this!


So, I made an import from Goodreads, but my books are mostly manga, so the result was not very clean. For example, most Demon Slayer volumes were imported as versions of the same "Demon Slayer" book with different ISBN.

I already went ahead and edited and filled all the missing info (including covers and the correct title), but they keep showing as just different editions of the same book. Examples:

Can this be fixed? and how?

@itsmistermoon Hello! I faced that issue as well. They only way I could remedy it was by manually splitting them out. I can try ti take a look at writing a script that can do it automatically this weekend.

@bookrastinating is it possible to split them out from the web interface, or does it have to be done from the backend?

@itsmistermoon it is possible through the web interface, however it's extremely tedious.

there is no way to directly unlink editions. the only way is to create a new book with the same details for each volume and then delete your past reviews.

@bookrastinating this happened to me with several manga series, what would you recommend me to do? I have the patiente to create each volume, but the duplicates will still be there.

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