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November 2022 Donations

Thank you to everyone who has donated this month! We reached our monthly goal of covering server costs. Now we are wondering what to do with the excess money and would like to turn to the community to help us decide!

Please vote in the poll or reply with any suggestions or questions you may have.

@bookrastinating I'd say either roll it over or offer it to the maintainers of BookWyrm. As more people sign up the there are going to be more and more needs for upgrades of the core software.

@bookrastinating Not a donator (yet, at least) Suggest building up and keeping a buffer of some months ((3? 6?) no matter what the choice end up being. That way there is a buffer if donations dry up, and you will have time to make adjustments as needed.

Also suggest spreading some love (and coffee) to anyone doing work in order to keep bookrastinating up.

@bookrastinating Roll over for a few months so you have a bit of extra in the bank, then donate to bookwyrm maintainers/developers

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