Hardware and software upgrade is finished! 😄

Thank you for your patience!

@bookrastinating Hello; I'm very new on About 6 hours ago I set in motion an #import (from my 12 or so books on #Goodreads). I left it running while out. On return I found three books failed, with status "Could not find a match for book." They were real books, though at least two were not editions that Goodreads had recorded (and I had "used" the nearest available edition). What can I do about them? (I see that a possible route is an "issue" on Github. Is that the way?)

@RFPatterson @bookrastinating I had the same issue with my import, and noticed that A) one can add a book manually or B) one can do a search across the Bookwyrm instances, and then add a result to the local instance.

@hw @bookrastinating Thank you, Heikki. I will explore other #Bookwyrm instances. Some of my #Goodreads #books and #reviews etc #imported extremely easily. The #Bookrastinating setup is very like Goodreads and largely pleasing. But it's not like #Mastodon and will take some learning!

@RFPatterson @bookrastinating
You can add the books manually here:
Then retry the import and hope that your books are then found.

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