@Tattooed_mummy @bookrastinating usually following/federation doesn't mean single sign on..

Logins themselves are always local to the instance & app



I'm flattered, thank you! However, I think the better person to ask is the maintainer of BookWyrm: @bookwyrm @tripofmice

I am just someone who used their code to spin up this site :)

@bookrastinating @bookwyrm @tripofmice I should have clarified, were talking to instance admins for the 11th Jan episode, it's very masto heavy right now, would love to talk about your instance's story.

Of course though I'd love to chat with the bookwyrm team anytime too!

@jared @bookrastinating I think it's great for people besides me to talk about bookwyrm fwiw :) sounds like a cool podcast episode

@tripofmice @bookrastinating thanks Mouse! though if there's anything you ever want us to get out there for you let me know.

Our text version is up on Plume blog.artemai.art/~/acrossthefe and our audio version up on funkwhale tunes.artemai.art/channels/acr

Happy to read any announcements or news rather than interviews if you prefer!

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a single user instance for isa and her alts (as in alternative accounts)