Kicking off 2023 by giving Bookwyrm a go!

Working on exporting/importing my GR info. Opted for the less full instance with a cool name, lol

Let's be book friends!

#Reading #BookWyrm

@lmgenealogy Importing my GR stuff seems fairly simple so far. One thing I don't see that it has is different editions for books, which is a shame.

@WestCoastChelle @lmgenealogy It does - on the description page for a book you should see an "x editions" link, which lets you switch edition or add a new one. My instance @bookrastinating seems to be down, but I'll try to post a screenshot tomorrow

@CaptainJanegay @WestCoastChelle

There is an "editions" link under the summary. It is not completely obvious so I understand your frustration!

@bookrastinating @CaptainJanegay are the book details shared between instances? Or does each instance host their own database?



It's a bit of column A and column B.

Each instance hosts their own database.

However, if the book was imported from another instance's catalogue, it will share book details with that instance.

Additionally, when our instance is aware of another user on another instance, we import the user's books and those book details.

Let me know if you need further clarification!

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