Time for a new #poll - this one for #readers and #books enthusiasts. Sending to @bookstodon -- please #boost to get more responses (which will hopefully be more useful).

Which reading tracking / collection site(s) do you use?

@Unatributed @bookstodon @jens I really needed multiple options. But I went with bookwyrm (though I use bookrastinating.com) as Goodreads is now my backup

@Tattooed_mummy @bookstodon @jens Bookrastinating might be the one that I really need to look at.

But, I have figured out a work-around for what I see as a limitation of both OpenLibrary and BookWyrm.

@bookrastinating Yes, Bookrastinating had been added to Join BookWyrm when I signed up 9 hours ago. 😀

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