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Imports can now be done. The queue is clear for now. However, there may still be some slowness with many users doing imports as once. Thank you all for your patience!

Unplanned Downtime: Hardware upgrade.

The server restart earlier today did not seem to work. Looking at the logs, the website is eating up a lot of RAM and CPU. We will be upgrading hardware to alleviate this. Thank you!

The website has been timing out. I will be trying a restart to see if that helps any. Shouldn't take more than 15 minutes!

For clarification: Please still hold off on imports for now. Thank you!

With the BookWyrm upgrade I now have the ability to stop individual imports. I will be cancelling all imports that:

- currently has 0% progress
- are duplicated
- are requested (by replying to this post)

Thanks all for your patience!

Planned Downtime is over! It only took less than an hour.

We managed to:

- Back up the server
- Upgrade RAM from 2GB to 4GB
- While I was there I also upgraded the storage from 40GB to 80GB
- Upgraded BookWyrm from v0.4.5 to v.0.4.6
- Restarted the BookWyrm docker containers

Thank you!

Planned Downtime: November 11, 2022 16:00-20:00 PM MST

Hello all! The server will be down tonight. Hopefully it will not take more than 4 hours.

The following will be done:

- Do a server backup
- Upgrade RAM from 2GB to 4GB
- Upgrade BookWyrm from v0.4.5 to v0.4.6
- Restart the docker container

It is unknown if the above will fix the current import issues but hopefully it will improve the overall performance of the site.

Thank you all for your patience!

RE: Importing issue

Please hold off on importing books while we wait for an update. Thank you so much for your patience!

Hello! There has been reports of user imports being stuck. The maintainers of BookWyrm have merged in a fix but there is no release as of yet. As soon as the fix has been released, will be updated.

Downtime this Saturday July 09, 2022 13:00 PM Mountain Time will upgrade from BookWyrm v0.4.0 to BookWyrm v0.4.2 on July 09, 2022 13:00 MDT. Expect around one hour of downtime.

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