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formerly @moonsun

i mostly post music thoughts. sometimes i post pictures.

i am part of a lot of fandoms but my main fandoms are:

- L'Arc~en~Ciel
- My Chemical Romance
- SHINee (Taemin)
- MAMAMOO (Solar)
- 2NE1 (CL)

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i don't content warn specific fandoms but i will definitely content warn long running threads!

need more choreo like Famous in my life, would love recs please and thank you :blobheart:

Bjork has been releasing new music and tbh a lot of it has been misses for me. idk how to describe it but it's not my thing which is disappointing but honestly the fact that she's still making music and how her voice is still amazing makes me happy

one of my favourite triple j covers is of Kali Uchis covering Bjork. perfection

family/health negative 

what's more fascinating to me tho is that the Ayumi Hamasaki fan account they replied to is still going strong like their last tweet was an hour ago. is ayu still releasing content these days lmao

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my number one complaint tho is that my favourite female singers (aka just sojung and wheein) who go solo almost always tend to do a lot of OST-sounding music and that's just not my thing

im outing myself but i was just watching Joey AKA the Anime Man gushing about seeing Sigur Ros in concert and how he really liked how Sigur Ros was cinematic and atmospheric and ethereal sounding and i think that is me to a tee

i've probably said this before but imo (according to my tastes) Galaxy is the best song in all of k-pop so far

oh right during Alice Glass's set I wandered off to refill my water bottle during a song i didn't know and i finished up and Forgiveness started playing and i booked it from the water station to the stage so i could jam out. i fucking love that song

festival was worth it though, i saw like 8 acts, 2 of them were in my top 5 (MCR and AOF :blobheart:) and they were all amazing

i am experiencing post festival blues AND i'm sick lol. i fully expected to get sick but i was cautiously optimistic because i had my THIRD booster two weeks before the festival and was masked the entire time and it's outdoors but like there was just so many people

HOLY SHIT New Jersey got Demolition Lovers AND I Never Told You what I Did for a Living........ damn i'm jelly

i had a dream and BTS was in it but really it was just V and 5 random guys who may or may not actually be from BTS because idk who else is in BTS. also there are 7 people in BTS so someone was missing lololol

Nine Inch Nails, alcohol mention 

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs were fucking phenomenaaal. I danced to like every song.

Sleater Kinney was so good though, they played all the jams

Sleater Kinney: please vote for women's rights to choose
Me: fuck, i forgot im america

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