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Hello, my name is isa! My pronouns are she/her and I'm in my late twenties.

I mostly just toot about my day to day life and don't stick to any one topic.

As for interests, they are ever changing but for now I like , , music, , anime/manga, , and making websites.

I am going back to school to become a .

You can see what else I'm up to here (I aspire to update this monthly):

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Decided to start logging all of my reading, watching, and listening on a substack to centralize all my reviews and thoughts! I'll also be writing about social work stuff there, too!

Please read and share if you'd like!

#reading #books #movies #musi #reviews #substack #writing #socialwork

I wear my glasses 24/7 and decided to wear contacts today and no one has said a thing. whereas every time I see my reflection I'm like, 😱 who is that???

Full moon happening on my lunar return. Also the asc of my LR is conjunct my moon. lots of things lining up today but for what

Georgios: everyone was wrong about helen of troy. she was INNOCENT. in this essay i will

i actually love reading literary criticism because i just imagine these old theorists in the modern day making blog posts or long toot threads or video essays... fresh out of high school i would have seen them as geniuses on a pedestal but now i just see them as regular people with cool ideas. the older i get the more i realize that everyone is just human at the end of the day. kinda wish i figured that out earlier, though. would have saved me a lot of heartache

i know skinny jeans have been out like years ago but if my legs aren't being squeezed to death with my pants it just feels uncomfortable for some reason??? if there's any give whatsoever i feel wrong lol. you can tell i'm a milennial from miles away lol

my brother is like a serious gym goer whereas i just go so that my muscles actually get used and he's like "let's work out together and do my leg routine" lol help im scared 😂

i love camping but what i do not love is getting eaten by mosquitoes

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so apparently is doing FULL INDEXING on every post they receive, without consent. It sounds like maybe even non-public posts??

"we didn't get people yelling at us, so it must be okay! but now people are? what the fuck?"


I don't usually make fediblock posts, but uh
yeah if you don't want to be indexed without consent...
#fediblock for fulltext indexing incoming posts.

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Little does Isa know they are what pushed me to give #mastodon another chance. I was on the fence about if it was worth it to invest my time here and in pops a DM asking to book with me. I took it as a sign.

So thank you for not only patroning me, but convincing me to keep pushing to make a cyber home here.
#review #tarot #services #astrology #birthchart #blackmastodon #blackfedi #smallbusiness

From: @isa

For that reason, I decided to get a reading from @Thapsyrensays . She went above and beyond my expectations, quite honestly. She not only tied my birth chart into the reading but even drew a few more cards for clarification for me. The document she provided was very thought provoking and validating. I’ve been pondering her questions in my mind ever since and I feel that I am on the precipice of an answer for myself. Highly recommend her services! :blobcat_melt_love:

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I know there are people who are skeptical about tarot. I've said before that it may be easier to think about it like a random thought prompt generator based on somewhat universal archetypes.

But the real meat and bones is in the interpretation. I suck at doing that myself because it is hard to look at my own life objectively and sometimes it is hard to even accept things coming from my own voice.

was browsing social media and this popped up.

literally the universe keeps telling me to do the thing. idk what i'm waiting for

covid mention, positive 

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i write to do lists and then don't do them

i'm a pantser and the worst thing is when i write myself into a corner. i always get stuck trying to write myself out of it :blobsweats:

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✨ My Pixel Art site is finally complete! ✨

Let me know if anything is broken, or if you see any spelling/grammatical mistakes!

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i have a vet appointment set up for friday for my elderly cat who is showing the same symptoms of liver failure that his litter mate showed before she died. between the office visit and bloodwork it could be upward of $300. if anyone wants to commission me or check out my shop on ko-fi i would really appreciate the extra bit of money to offset this. thank you 🖤

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We regret to inform you that Mastodon has decided to leave the F-Droid Reproducible Builds project.

Going forward, Mastodon updates on F-Droid will be maintained by the F-Droid team and signed with an unique per-app key generated by F-Droid.

If you installed Mastodon through F-Droid, please uninstall and reinstall it to keep receiving updates.

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