confession: i hide boosts on my home timeline. i'm much more interested in what the people i follow actually say. i just look at the federated timeline if i want to look outside my bubble

@isa I didn’t know you could do that! That’s something I’ll consider. 🤔

@isa I have been thinking on doing the same

@isa how can I do this? I couldn't find it in my preferences anywhere

@sabogato in the home settings! this is for the column view, not sure how it would look on 4.0

@isa ah thanks! I guess it is only in the web frontend and not an account preference. That explains why I couldn't find it.

@isa how do you do that? I’d really like to as well

@gekidasa there is an option on the "Home" timeline. if you use the Tusky app, there is also an option in the Preferences section

@isa …oh. I’m on iOS/the website, so not for me 🥲

Thank you telling though! I can dream about having it

@gekidasa this available on the website!

i took a different screenshot for a different view, there should be a little settings icon at the top of the timeline

@isa thank you si much! I’ll look as soon as I’m back on my laptop 🙏

@isa Thank you so much once again! I didn't realize what's under that little icon changed depending on where I am

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