where do you put your PC tower?

apparently i cannot vote in my own poll. i put mine on the floor!

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@isa I put mine on the desk, on the floor it’d get too dusty

@RqndomHax good point! i have a cat so i feel like it would accumulate cat hair no matter where i put my tower.

@isa I have built a small shelf to put on the floor and put the tower on that.

@david that's so cool! seems like it's handy to have some woodworking skills 😄

@isa yep! Also very easy for even an absolute beginner (I’m not home or I’d take a photo)

@isa I have a little night stand / magazine rack it sits on.

@forvrin aww, i like this! the little stand looks like a perfect fit

@isa I'll eject the components from the case and throw into the desk. Lock it with a key.

Additionally make some holes for ventilation.

I did have mine on the floor but due to a little button pusher toddling around my house causing filesystem corruption I have moved it back to the desk

@pyratebeard oh man, so much damage from just one button. good call on the switch 😆

@isa fuck y'all i put it on my lap while working

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