upgraded my pi from buster to bullseye but now my nextcloud server is all wonky @_@ there is a fix and i'm working on it now but i'm highly tempted to just move to syncthing and a caldav server

@isa Yeah nextcloud can he finnicky sometimes. Which Dav server will you try?

@joel i'm torn between Sabre and Radicale 🤔

@isa I haven't tried Sabre. I have used radicale and its pretty good but not fully compliant.
I think Baikal and Xandikos are good options

@isa I think Baikal has a web calendar ui too

@joel tbh though finding a good calendar client is the bigger problem. why is it so hard to make a good calendar client???

@isa I just use Khal on the terminal because everything else sucks xD

@joel i envy you, i can't survive without drag and drop events 😭

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