I know there are people who are skeptical about tarot. I've said before that it may be easier to think about it like a random thought prompt generator based on somewhat universal archetypes.

But the real meat and bones is in the interpretation. I suck at doing that myself because it is hard to look at my own life objectively and sometimes it is hard to even accept things coming from my own voice.

For that reason, I decided to get a reading from @Thapsyrensays . She went above and beyond my expectations, quite honestly. She not only tied my birth chart into the reading but even drew a few more cards for clarification for me. The document she provided was very thought provoking and validating. I’ve been pondering her questions in my mind ever since and I feel that I am on the precipice of an answer for myself. Highly recommend her services! :blobcat_melt_love:

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