which, honestly, every legal adult under the age of 24 now looks the same to me so idk how

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in the states everyone has asked for my ID but back home people stopped asking for my ID. i guess i finally look over 18 (drinking age in canada) but maybe i still look under 21 lol

chicago is a cool city but i never expected the trains to tilt on one side when turning a corner :blobsweats:

when i woke up i thought i was still in my own bed. weird sensation

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Remember when we shamed the gorillaz out of NFTs

i am afraid of flying and every time i go on a flight, i send my friends a flight tracker for my flight because that reassures me somehow.

this has escalated to us creating a channel in our discord server where everyone puts in their flight trackers whenever they travel hahaha

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artists: do you prefer to draw your 3/4 faces facing left or right? and are you left or right handed? (sorry ambis, i only get four poll options. feel free to comment)

it's hobonichi season!! where all the planner and stationery nerds spend too much money on paper

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from bird site user prettypromiss:

"Just a heads up.. student loans aren’t automatically forgiven. We have to send an application. The application opens in early October. We have until December 31, 2023 to apply."

@joel i wish but my collection is too big for my phone TT_TT living the FLAC life hahaha

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if you wanna watch the lost sailor moon. someone found them deep in the library of congress.


if it doesn't jump you to the right time, it starts about 1 hour,44 min.

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my mom said i look 23 and im just like that is such a specific number and i'm only 27 so is that still a compliment?? anyway at least i don't like 16 anymore

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Still smitten. 🖋 Sailor Manyo Nekoyanagi with three different nibs, looking slightly different each time.

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as a kid growing up, Dugong was a cursed pokemon because dugong in Tagalog means blood

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magical elements of my fantasy world, kenah. there are six elements, each with two "aspects": presence and absence. these were hella fun to design!

#MastoArt #geometric

first world problem. the power keeps going out in my building and i'm sick of rebooting my raspberry pi every time and i've probably gone without my nextcloud and jelly instance for like a month now because i just can't be bothered to boot it up lmao

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masking (negative) 

accidentally slept for 2.5 hours and now it's almost 22:30 lmao whyy

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