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random thought: one of the innovative things about homestuck is that it leverages the webcomic format to provide a mixed media experience that wouldn't be possible in print, or traditional media in general. It's somewhat disappointing that there's no other projects that i'm aware of taking a similar approach. admittedly it takes a lot of time and resources to create an original soundtrack, quality animations and interactive flash games, but like, instead the webcomic scene is now centered on webtoons, which i'm sure has it's benefits as a publishing platform but creatively, it's all this drab uniform infinite scroll that not only fails to evolve the medium, but in some way offers even less creative potential than print media, since the infinite scroll discourages the kind of expressive page layouts typical for print comics

more The DIspossessed ramblings, pol 

i like to crawl on the floor with my cat sometimes. it's nice to look at things from his perspective

hello fediverse. what tag can i look into if i'm looking to hire an artist from the fediverse for a project?


i'm on year three in my five year journal and i still think i'm in the previous year so when i go to write today's entry i get so confused, thinking that i already wrote today :blob_dizzy_face:

trying to access a paper but i can't unless i pay up. alumni should be able to access paywalled journals through their alma matter, too 😭

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Hi all ✨
I've made a Ko-fi to replace my Patreon!
If anyone's interested in supporting me and my art and helping me keep it coming, link is here:

I will be moving my digital zines there too in the coming days to keep things more collected.
#MastoArt #Animation #Comics

currently a couple and they are so cute that i'm getting jealous of their relationship. it's okay, it's not picture perfect because i have plansℒ️ :blobcatcoffee:

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I am constantly in awe of Ursula K. Le Guin's mind. She masterfully crafts believable worlds without ever losing touch of human nature, no matter what kind of society has shaped them. Amazing. Hoping I finish this soon!

(comment on "The Dispossessed", page 170)

people say eat the frog first but for me i have to alternate between bites of frog and bites of broccoli. i still don't like broccoli but it helps me feel less overwhelmed about the frog.

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i had a friend who was vehemently against reading science fiction and i felt so sorry for him for having never read a single thing by Ursula K. Le Guin

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Wait, wait, happy new year! I completely forgot I drew this for a calendar!

My 2022 in books... It's a lot of graphic novels/manga. And I am SURE there are some manga that I completely forgot to note down.

not me furiously making 2023 spreads in my hobonichi t-minus 6 hours to midnight

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Ibeyi released a lot of good stuff this year but Juice of Mandarins takes the cake 🍊


Hello, my name is isa! My pronouns are she/her and I'm in my late twenties.

I mostly just toot about my day to day life and don't stick to any one topic.

As for interests, they are ever changing but for now I like , , music, , anime/manga, , and making websites.

I am going back to school to become a .

You can see what else I'm up to here (I aspire to update this monthly):

solar return in a couple of hours. πŸ™Œ

my solar return Moon and Ascendant are both ruled by Mars AND my time lord will also be Mars. it's gonna be a very Martian year.

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If anyone else got followed by a account I recommend blocking them. All your followers only posts will be publicly visible via their site.

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