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Realized I never did an #introduction - I'm thomas. I'm a #Macro #SocialWorker working in #homeless #policy. In my free time, I do a lot of #walking, #reading #books, #movies, and #videogames .

I'm a big fan of #starwars, #scifi, #noir, #npr and the #nytimes, esp. #wordle and #spellingbee.

I live in #washingtondc with my #cat Ripley (pictured), my fav.

I'll reply to this with some favorites!

this is not a sponsored post but i bought the Anti-Planner by Dani Donovan and it's a treasure trove of techniques for when i'm having trouble trying to do a thing (which is probably all the time)

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Hi, I’m Simi. I’ll be honest I have 0 friends and I’m in need of a community 🙏

A little about me: 🏳️‍🌈 as fuck. I’m an Jr. editor / post PA at an advertising agency. I live with my two dogs, Simba and Prince. Aspiring lead editor / director

I love: #scifi & #fantasy reads, #videogames, #videoediting, seafood, & #queer media (the more non-contemporary, the better)

I hate: Wet socks

Looking for a place to share my random thoughts and connect with others 👋

honestly do you even need to tune into the met gala because nothing will ever top Zendaya's Joan of Arc

is there like a "place" to watch the met gala? like is it televised? i've always just waited until the day after hahaha

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what was the first and last CD you bought?

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Is your primary e-mail account #gmail? As in the e-mail account we would use to communicate, so not necessarily your job related e-mail. Feel free to share widely.

added a new section to my website!

i'm moving back to my shrine making days :) (warning, this is very image heavy and not yet image optimized, apologies)

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I'm trying to get back into posting on here... I went pretty much 👻 for months after like my 2nd month on because I felt/feel out of place on here. As a space that is heavily into politics, academia, tech, and science-- finding my lane for #astrology, #tarot, #occult, #spirituality type of interests and posting content around that didn't/doesn't feel very wanted.

But I'm willing to try again. Maybe y'all out here. #contentcreator #BlackMastodon

why do I literally always make every pursuit a task? as soon as I cross the threshold from "just doing whatever for fun" to "let's try to be more consistent/improve" I lose interest immediately


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Spent my lunch compiling my notes on #HisNameWasDeath by Rafael Bernal (t: Kit Schluter) and just absolutely loved this book! I think I’ll reread it in a few months. Super excited for #SpeculativeFiction #BookClub at #LostCityBooks in #AdamsMorgan tonight!

i have a lot of nervous energy right now and i don't know where/how to direct it



does anyone else start writing something and pause to think, "what am i even trying to say??" i often find that i want to say everything

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In the spirit of "I have Christianity-trauma and major holidays suck," I have decided to share my pain.

Specifically, my book MOST LIKELY to piss the average Christian off is on sale this week for 25% off.

Because sometimes it's fun to be petty like that.

Starting later today and running through Saturday, Safer Sex for the Non-Monogamous (ebook version) is on sale for $3.75 USD in as many places as I can manage.

#polyamory #SafeSex #sale #ebooks

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Feeling pretty good about today's progress on my upcoming #webring. I plan to launch it this week. If you created your #neocities site with a static site generator, maybe follow, so you can join when it launches! 👀 It would seriously make my day if you did. 🫶

i look soooo good in high waisted pants. but by the end of the day i get so bloated and just want to rip them off lol

i've been wondering if i still want to learn japanese. i just don't consume as much japanese media as i used to (my original reason for wanting to learn japanese) and when i try to it just feels like a chore. 🤷

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